Join us for the SpaceX CRS-20 Launch!

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$3 each
Note: Each reservation includes one free StarFleet decal, but you're welcome to purchase more!

$2 each
Original NASA recipe dating back to Apollo. Each individually-wrapped cookie includes a card with a note on its history and original recipe, so you can make your own at home and carry on the tradition. Baked by Julia Bergeron in the same batch as the cookies for the actual SpaceX launch team. Proceeds benefit the Space Coast Launch Ambassadors volunteer organization.
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Your generous gift will go directly toward keeping StarFleet sustainable, helping reduce prices for others that can't afford it, and making more awesome launch-day opportunities available for everyone in the future. Thank you for all your support that makes our work possible!
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Terms and Conditions
Tickets are valid for any day the mission launches, except if a scrub occurs after we leave port one hour prior to launch time (we offer a 25% discount on further attempts). Launch dates may change without warning; if you cannot make it, we may be able to offer a limited number of refunds for tickets or merchandise up to five business days in advance of the launch date, at our sole discretion. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing. Thanks!

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